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 About two occupations in dofus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


dofus kamas is very important in the game. If you have enough kamas in the game, you can get better equipment and weapon, so I will give you some experience to gain some achat dofus.

We are considering two occupations with achat kamas at the same time, and they are miners and woodcutter. We have no one will be more profitable, enjoy professional, level rise faster. It is said that woodcutter can be leveled tree correctly, but mainly through the split into boards see them, but very limited experience. There is a question about the miner occupation though. We heard that they can start polishing at 40 levels with Acheter des Kamas, but someone told us, if we had that occupation, not to polish any stone until 100 levels. Does the polishing of miners only have a 100% success rate, when the occupation is 100 levels, or is the success rate of polishing already at 100% by 40 levels in the game, when you get the enough ability?

A higher level characteristic through fast enough to become profitable, under the situation of throughout the whole compression chars profit level. The best selection is to find one or two, will cover a 50 – 100 levels and centralized purchasing the costs of simple down. The same suggestions about farming drops is applicable as with low level characters, but move to areas like moon island, fungi masters, jellies, or trees where potential drops are better. There are also the random drops like skills and guild gems that sell reasonably well and can provide a nice boost, when you luck into them. The baker craft has been so overwhelmed by butters that it is no longer time profitable to run.

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 Some tips in the maple mesos Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Enough Maple Story Mesos can help you to finish the task, so the most important is to earn Mesos.

When the clock is defeated with Maple Mesos, populates itself from the start of the clock and compressor orbiting map. It must also be slain task. The weapons are higher clock at that time, but it has a low point. First, before beating must clear form of some dark stars from the map. If the map maximum population of the first form is defeated monster, the second form will not occur.

Drop a test coin at the right edge of the highest platform on the right, and then immediately start dropping sacks of mesos on the left side of that platform after ten seconds, and do not stop. Once the test coin disappears, enable all support skills and use savage blow to kill time sphere. It is used in a can continue until all the cocoa explosion have worn out, or Papulatus clock. It is the preferred job only uses at least three major robbers with this way. Rangers or sniper, it is possible to the high level of Papulatus solo. Use the rest of the chances it offers, and set up a puppet clock on the other side of the room. When it comes out its rest mode, strafe it until the puppet is defeated. Repeat until the first form is destroyed. For warriors, it is also possible to solo Papulatus, but is is not recommended for players, because it will burn 120 a considerable number of reagents. Recent updates to the boss let it drop one level weapon instead of it is highly 90 levels. This is my tips and I hope you have a good time in the game with enough Maple Mesos.


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 To give you some experience to earn money above 36 levels Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I believe you have a little of champions gold when you are 36 levels. Now I will give you some experience to earn champions online gold above 36 levels. Of course, you need buy champions gold.

You can be easy to find the mine in the map. There small monsters are all four levels monsters. If you are just low level, you can go to make silver to earn cheap champions gold. You can get 1w champions money to sell one. Of course, you can upgrade incidentally. If you have already high level about above 36 levels, you can go to fight JY monsters by yourself with your bow and magic props. You can get 20 experience points to kill a monster. There are no many people at there. At the beginning of fighting monsters, it is very easy to arouse the attention of other monsters, so if you have no enough grasp, you do not fight the monsters. If you are enough familiar, you can get 400w champions money for an hour. To get experience point is no problem.

There are three small Bosses and one of them patrols inside mine. You need notice that there is a monster behind the BOSS. When you fight this BOSS, you can not arouse the attention of other monsters. The other two Bosses are very easy to fight. You can get many good things form fighting those Bosses. There is much great chance to get strong necklace and the price is more than 30 champions online gold. I got 6 strong necklaces at there. When you go to tabernacle, you need kill the small monsters at the gate and then you kill the rabbi. When you fight the rabbi, you should look out. You can only get some green gloves and shoes from fighting this Boss. You can get thousands of champions’ online gold to sell them.

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 My some experience after playing the champions game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


cheap champions gold is very important in this game and I play the game with champions gold for quite long time. Now I give you some tips to get champions money.

There are two kinds of players. They are to practice PK and to upgrade to fight monsters. 1 – 16 levels: you can let your friends help you. If you do not want to bother your friends, you can go outside to fight monsters in the 5 levels. It is very fast to upgrade with cheap champions gold. At necessary time, you can buy champions gold to help you upgrade. When you fight monsters with magic, you can add some ice, but do not add too much. Other skill point is to add some fire. 17 – 24 levels: you can go to do some task to get some skill point such as fighting white tiger. 24 – 51 levels: there are many tasks in this stage. You had better collect some champions online gold to upgrade. The skill point is to add fire with magic. 52 – 80 levels: I advise you do not sell your sell stage in the 60 levels. If you have the interest, you can do it in the 72 levels. Now, I will give a way to pick up champions online gold. You can send order to pick up things and you can press “A” key to find things. When there are many things on the ground, you can go to pick up. I will tell another skill. When you pick up thing, you can press black key and then you can fight the monsters. You can get more things by this way. You had better not upgrade in the 18 levels. You can go back and this is all free. You can get 5000 skill points for a night.

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 The price of redcliff gold in the market Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I play the game for more than a year. I have much experience with Redcliff Gold now, so I want to share my experience with new players about redcliff online Gold.

At first, you need apply an account number. If you apply straight, you only can get 1000w redcliff money. If you recommend the game to your friend, you can get 2000w redcliff online Gold. Of course, you can buy redcliff Gold from some friends to better accomplish the task. Secondly, you need choose the birth place. Of course, the paradise is very good place. Then, you need have several thousand redcliff online Gold to play car. If you have no good luck to get those, you can go to forest to fight some red ladybug and then you can pick up some small equipment to sell. After riding the car, you can go to happy city straightly. Then you can dialogue with wheeler in the right gate inside the city. You click the wood brand beside of him to upgrade. Then you can go to receive some cock task. You can dialogue with the old with by the way and he will give some extra task, to pick up several good books. Then you go to paradise library to get books, and you hand up task. After that, you go to lion library and you hand in task, too. In the library, you need choose good books, such as the book about speaking skills. At last, you dialogue with the old man and you can upgrade 10 levels straight. If you are very skilled the process, you only need around ten minutes to finish it. Of course, at most time, you need more practice. At last, I hope you have a very good time with enough redcliff online Gold in the game.


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