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- The game screen is very beautiful
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 Some ideas about earning Mesos Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


How to earn Maple Story Mesos in the game? You will lose Mesos or earn much Maple Mesos, so this is to do business.

The easiest way is to fight monsters to earn several Maple Mesos and some equipment. If you use the way to earn Maple Mesos for a quite long time, you must be a rich man. Many players start to do business, when they see some players own a lot of Maple Mesos after doing business. This is very not right way to gain Maple Mesos, because no all players are fit for businessmen. Sometimes, you need some adventure spirit, when you make a businessman, or you go to earn Maple Mesos slowly.

You can open an account number, and then you go to rainbow village. You need do some task to fight some monsters like most new players. You can pick up Maple Mesos once for killing a monster. Then you need to go to a safe place to add some blood. At most time, you need save Maple Mesos. You need to go on fighting monsters after one roll. Sometime, you need some money to buy Maple Mesos at appropriate time. When you pick up things after killing monsters, you do not forget any thing which can exchange Maple Mesos. At this time, you need have enough patience to play the game, because you will spend most time to earn several Maple Mesos, but this is temporary. Of course, you can make a beggar to mooch Maple Mesos all round. I do not advise you use this way to get Maple Mesos. In fact, you only fight monsters to earn Maple Mesos seriously. If you have no enough Maple Mesos for a quite time, this proves you have enough patience and effort to play the game.

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 My experience about make money Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


There are several ways to earn champions gold. You can get the best equipment and weapons to through all shuts with enough cheap champions gold. I remember I feel boring and then I began to play the game to gain champions money. And I do not want to buy champions gold.

At first, I began to do task of new player to earn first champions online gold. You can open many small numbers and help others add popularity. You do not hate trouble because you can get 15w champions online gold to add one point. You can earn a lot of cheap champions gold for a day. This has a good advantage which you do not need cost. Of course, you can go to beat monkeys. You need remember the curse doll can not be sold for ever. If you have very high equipment, you can go to fight iron pig and the price of the iron is up. You can make team to gain some books and other things. The price of helmet book is 400w champions online gold in the market. Now I give you a very good way, that is, you go to do the task of tower book. I purchase one for 48w champions online gold, but now you can sell them with 200w cheap champions gold, so if you have a large number, you can get a big profit. Sometimes, you can go to draw a lottery at the under the sea, because there are a lot of good things, but I advise you use the ways to earn cheap champions gold. At last, I give a suggestion that you do not do any task, because all tasks can give you a lot of cheap champions gold.

There are my ideas for junior players. I hope you can get enough cheap champions gold in the game.

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 Some skills about weapons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


dofus kamas is easy to get with your high level skills. Now I will talk about some skills to gain kamas. You will soon realize that people sell leathers and wools very cheap Acheter des Kamas, because they want to buy some weapons skill, better gear, house or other useless things with achat dofus. I should make sure you do no rip off persons with silly prices, because they will find out very soon that sell it for others with achat kamas, for much more, thus you are strengthening your competition. We always pay decent money for the resources we buy, and this result in people farming for them with the only purpose of selling them to me, and this alone give us the significant advantage of being well-supplied. Therefore we can upgrade faster than anyone else, make friends and constant suppliers, future customers. You should spend more time around sell rooms and buy cheap resources that are required in crafts and nobody needs them.

You can try to get as many cheap in the game, otherwise scrolling material that is required in two slots, such as mushrooms, thorns, larva skins. If the given resource is totally underpriced, this only applies, which is rare thanks to scrolling freaks. You can keep on farming gob balls all the time and save leather, wool and war chief tongue you drop. Sell everything else unless you want to make a jeweler, too. You will face some obstacles on your way, like sneaky shoemakers stealing the black gob leathers from the sell rooms. You may realized by now, why we keep mentioning black gob leathers all the time. You can get used to checking the sell rooms for it right after you log and spamming astral all the time, because you will need excessive amounts of it.

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 Tips for tiger man to earn call of duty gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Now more and more players begin to play the game with cod gold, because there is much joy in the game, so I will talk about some tips for tiger man to earn call of duty gold. Of course, you can buy call of duty gold or buy cod gold to help you upgrade from players with very high level.

Most people would like to select tiger man to play. You maybe have some problem with it. Now I will give some advice and I hope it can help you more or less. First of all, you fight him by the time and you will be way under leveled, because by the point in the game, you do not have many places to train, so it depends on your skills at most time. We fight him on the 12 levels, but it takes a quite long time. The first tip is that the NPC that fights with you is invincible and can be used as a human shield, while you heal. The second tips is you not are afraid to run, especially when being chased by a ten foot tall man eating tiger with pants on. The third tip is you do not run out of time, while running, it really sucks to throw around 20 minutes down the drain, because you run and heal too much.

If you have still no enough call of duty gold, you can go to put on stall with your things which get from fighting monsters. The stall can have other items for sale in it, if you have un-checked the “automatically log out after stall-keeping ends” in your options menu. If you are afraid of your character disconnecting, you can use another client to set up a second stall in the game.

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 Some ways to get much cod gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


There are many ways to get call of duty gold. You need some skills in the most shut to gain cod gold. Now I will give some notice following, when you play the game. Of course, you can buy call of duty gold or buy cod gold from some players who have very high level.

1. You need remember that you only have a chance, like in the real life. So you do not think you have another life to play the game.

2. Do not have too much hope for military rifles, because in normal mode it can not necessarily be to kill an enemy in front.

3. When you encounter strong fire, you do not stop to wait the enemy and you need go another road, because the enemy aims at your export. You do not think the enemy has no bullets.

4. All guns in their range are not within the power of the weak, but do not hold down the mouse, unless you let enemy feel really hail of bullets, but no body can assure enemy feel that for all time.

5. There is no official document describes the close attack daggers would be weaker than the gun, or at least people do not die from the sword to think so.

6. With a SMG, muffler is your best choice. You will be the most chic of the emergency hand, if you couple with enhanced sprint, fast changing shells.

7. Alone is very dangerous, but sometimes very smoothly, especially in groups often from a line of attack, the course may also be worse, you may encounter the enemy just learning fine.

8. You need have enough patience, because many skills are not easy to learn and no all enemies are easy to kill.

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