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 Using shortcuts in Dragon Oath Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Using shortcuts to sleep and meditation in the mounts in the game and we know that the dragon oath gold is very important in the game too. You can pull the horse and sleep into the shortcut column, the next point the mounts, then quickly press the corresponding shortcut to sleep, press continuous, and so it is easy to achieve the effect.

Press ESC to set the pop-up shortcut keys to find the automatic key look for strange settings we have this button set to F1 see their case may be and then the martial art skills into the general attack skill column next to the shortcut, that is, F2 Office, and then staggered by F1 and F2, you will begin a rapid fighting monsters.

Give yourself a quick way to increase state. Hold down the ctrl key and mouse clicks to use their skills. This move to increase blood Emei is very practical, especially high-level requirements, eager to increase Emei blood, head to point, often confused, so you can hand to add more blood, while that monster's blood, not old is cumbersome for picture.

However sometimes you may set up a stall to peddle in any city that has a sidewalk in Dragon Oath. You may not set up any shops on the main pathways. Please also be courteous and make sure there are not too many stalls set up in a single area. And our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the game. We will try our best to provide customers the best service and the safest delivery.


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 2moons Armor Set of Ice Resistance Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Once in Aqaurious you can use a Curse Helm Ice Armor and then maybe you can get the 2moons dil in the game. Res gear to easily Solo Grind on the first weak monsters as soon as you enter the Map. We recommend using an Ice Armor Res because you need both Fire and Ice Res sometimes for some Bosses in the Level 115 Abyss Dungeon.

Now you can use an Ice Helm and Fire Armor Res gear, but we recommend using a Fire Res Helm and Ice Res Armor because using the Fire Res Helm is needed for Bosses were you need a lot of Defense.

The only Bosses that you Need Ice Res for though is Tritone and Illpia, but in both cases Iwe would probably have just made a Level 92 Ice Res Helm for Defense, but if you can really only afford one, make an Armor unless you do not intend on doing Abyss, but if you can both an Ice Res Helmet and Armor are good to have, but you do not need both at once.

This Armor Set is what we made next. Once you get to Level 115 you should have an Ice Resistance Gear. We would use a Level 91 Armor in the game with Ice Res Gems.

So if you want to have more details you can join us and I believe you will enjoy your time every time and our services are best! 

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 Race Guide for Ragnarok Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


As we all know that ro zeny is very important if you play the game. When in item trader there is not any good armor here is what you do in Ragnarok: This is most important, always save you good prayers tones such as skill block, defense, physical resist, and health always save them. If a mob dropped a really good unique or rare weapon or armor with aerially good stats and the race and class are yours save them you do not know if in item trader are any good armors or weapons and you do not want to give like 5mil for a unique armor with stats.

You had better to save Ro zeny only level 3 else stones and above cause level 1and level 2 are only for lowboys. At this level as you can see from here you will start to increase your defenses, and physical resist ratings to allow you to pull more mobs for your AOE grind. At long last you finally get another skill. This is the level range you will most likely fly through if you use an evasion chanter pot. You will probably notice we never max out Linear Blow, because this is really the skill is not that much better from stage 4 to 5 when you can have an extra point in your harder hitting Swing Shot. You will do later on in a 1h+Shield build but for 2hand you will not need it much longer.

So I only know these but if you want to know more details about the game you can come here to contact us and I believe that you will be satisfied with our service! At last I hope you can enjoy your time here!

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 Best grinding weapon for Archer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


If you have just started playing an archer in Perfect World, then this is the portion you should read. Some newbies asked me what best weapon to grinding is. I was reading several forums. Many players think Slingshots is the best weapon.

Slingshots are the best for grinding and Perfect World Gold plays an important role in the game as we all know. Ideally you would want to find a mob that you can auto attack until dead and oddly enough a slingshot has the fastest fire rate and does this the best. Do not say crossbows have a slow cast time because that is the wrong word. They simply fire slowly. Channeling a skill bypasses this fire rate thus making a crossbow superior in PvP whatever. As soon as you are in the PvE scene grinding, the slingshot outshines by a mile.

The legendary 42 sling is probably the best thing you will ever come across at that level up until mid 50s to late 50s. At the current level, I suggest you get a decent level 35 giant crossbow. This should be swapped out for the legendary 42 sling asap.

Now as for why slings outshine the rest the auto attack speed of a sling is a lot faster. But this ONLY affects auto attacking. And since I mentioned that ideally you want to do nothing but auto attack, then the sling xbow. True, the xbow has a higher max damage, but that messes with how you respond to situations. When you grind, you want everything to be so similar and predictable so that you can become more efficient. Basically a crossbow has unpredictable damage. I have crit 12k before, and then crit 4k shortly after, same weapon, same mob. Thank you for playing the game!

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 Weapon options for higher levels Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


At higher levels other weapon options come into play. You will gain the option to use a bow and dual wield, both being useful. The bow is something that every Gladiator should have, if only for the ability to cleanly pull from a distance. Dual wielding has some good arguments for mesos, but really it will come down to whether or not your play style will utilize the quicker damage. Pole arms allow for big, slow burst damage. If you chain your skills constantly you may only actually see a few auto-attacks during a typical battle. How much damage do you want to do during that auto-attack and do you enjoy the stuns and area attack skills that you only get with two-handed weapons? I think that going two-handed is better for the PvE player and in the end you gain more from the side benefits of a two-handed weapon than you do from the quick damage of the dual swords.

It seems like there are two ways to use chains. But we have to do a mixture of both in order to use them which just seem the hardest way to go about it. We will start it as soon as possible. Look on the side where your map is when you use a chain skill on that side you can see all of your chain skills, on your tool bar ofc the spell that came first is the one you can see but you can also put the chain skill on your tool bat if you use that spell allot. If it is just a single chain, hitting the hotkey again works fine to activate next skill in chain.

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