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- The game screen is very beautiful
- Habbo Money Guide
- The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold
- Some guide to make money
- Introduction of skills

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 This is some ideas of an old player Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I play the game with champions money for a quite long time and I can be as an old player. I did not find a good online game to play before. One day, my friend asked me to play champions with champions gold and he told me he already had much cheap champions gold in the game and this is quite funny game. Then I began to play the game with little of champions online gold, but I did not want to buy champions gold from others, so I started to find some effect ways. As long as I had leisure time, I would talk about how to upgrade and how to earn champions online gold with my friends. I learned much from them. Now I think I can not insist in, if I could have no their help. At that time, I was a pastor and I go home to upgrade as soon as I was off duty. I felt very happy at that time. I was online for more than ten hours every day. Even if some my friends gave up, because they thought upgrade was too slow, but I adhered to the present, I thought we need enough patience to play the online game at most time, or we could become true game master. With my self-confidence, I play the game all the time. There are many special skills to get champions online gold, such as playing the blood and the blue. If you have enough good weapons, you can fight close attack, because you use this way to get more champions online gold. Of course, you can go to play big phoenix with high level. This is very hard to through shut. As long as you have enough patience and power, you must be to finish this task. This is my story.

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 How to earn money in the intermediate level Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Do you play the game with cheap champions gold for a period of time? Do you have some champions money to finish some task? Now I will give you some skills about how to earn champions online gold in the intermediate level. Of course, the easiest way is to buy champions gold.

You can make team with your friends to get books to earn champions gold. Then you can go to fight mushroom kings. You can get a lot of books from it. You can fight for one night. You need remember that the time for fighting is not over eight minutes. The next way is to beat centipede. You can be easy to get some things such as black wool. It is very value. This time, I do not advise you go to do task, because it can only be waste your material fee. Now you should have some champions online gold, and you can go to collect some books. This is 20w champions online gold for one piece. You can sell it with 48w champions online gold. You can earn lots of champions online gold to resell agility armor. The profit must be more than 50%, when you do the business, or you can not earn a big money. When your level is higher, you can not do the business and you can open a new number for 50 – 100 J to make team. Then you can go to fight big BOSS such as fishes and black dragon. I do not advise you go to fight alarm clock, because it is too poor. If you have enough time, you can go to understand market situation. When you know it very much, you can begin to do business.


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 A little of new experience to new players Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


When you open an account number, you need go to finish the task of new players to get some call of duty gold. After that, you can get some cod gold as award. Some times, you need buy cod gold or buy call of duty gold. Then you go to the city of new players. Now you own only just a dagger, which you make at your first task. Then you fight villager or green monsters with this dagger. At this time, you need notice that you do not click the defend man or you will die very tragic. You do it until you are five levels. Then you walk earth and go though river. You can see a lot of cow and you go on killing them. You do now throw the cow fur, because you can take it into bank and it is very value to new players. Then you are 20 levels. Then you can go to another place and you need go to bank to take all cow fur to sell new players. The price of cow fur is 100w call of duty gold. You can get more than 500w call of duty gold. Now you are a rich man. You can go to buy some equipment with call of duty gold. You need own a set of equipment which fit for you. If you have the remaining call of duty gold, you had better buy a big map, because the big map is very important in the game. You can save a lot of things, when you own the big map. Then you can go to sell barbeque in the north of bank. The price of 20 barbeque is 1 call of duty gold. Now you need upgrade 50 levels. There is a very good place to upgrade. It is in the west of city in the second flour in the basement. This is really a very good place to upgrade.


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 Something about character in the dofus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


dofus kamas is very useful in the dofus. achat dofus can help you to upgrade and get the best equipment. Now I will give you some things about character to earn achat kamas in the game.

We are going to make a strength IOP with kamas and it is the main character of this build we will add every single character point to the stat strength to get Acheter des Kamas. We know vitality is very tempting, especially at the lower levels, but it is not worth it as you will get a spell, which boosts your health points and the bonuses you get after 100 levels every time.

It is very useful with agility, but we had better get this by scrolling or from equipment. Wisdom will help you upgrade faster, the interests of each point of wisdom, your experience on your basic + 1, and you can go to kill monsters to get blood from the sound. It is quit useful, but we had better not use this, because we from any device and its sub-reel. Intelligence is not very useful to us, but if you make decision to go higher IOPS strength hybrid, you may want to scroll up. We tell you about scrolling without explaining what it is. Scrolling character happens by exchanging resources gathered from monsters as drops to NPC in exchange of a character scroll, for example, you need 100 mush thorns to make one small scroll of strength, which adds + 1 strength, if your strength is under 25. Rolling may be a bit hard, if you are just starting. If you are just a new player, you will have a little of worry. I hope you have some patience to use the skills.

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 How to upgrade in the game? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Our aim to play game is to upgrade. How to upgrade in the game? I need own enough Redcliff Gold at first. Now I will give you some new ways to a lot of redcliff money to upgrade. Sometimes, you need buy redcliff Gold from your players with high level.

At first, you need open a new account number, and then you need finish the transfer task for the shortest time. In general, I stay the new player village for more than ten minutes. Of course, I am familiar with the game very much. If you are really a new player, you are not anxious, because at most time, you need take the time to familiar it. When they go out, most players do not know what they can do. You can go to “A” city to make equipment. You can find a fighter to open the full map. You do not spend too much redcliff money to open full map. After getting forge, you can begin to make equipment. When you make equipment, you need add some property. You need according to the fact to add property. The main line task can be done, except the desert task. Then you need let friends help you to go to 13 levels. Then you can go to do the desert task and you can challenge yourself. If you can success, you are 20 levels. Then you can go back to do the remaining main line task. You can steal some essence skills.

You are just a poor man now. When you go out city, you do the small task and go to do the main line task one by one straight. When you are 13 levels, you can go to challenge yourself and go to century temple to kill monsters.

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