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 How to upgrade in the dofus? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


As we know, dofus kamas is very important in the game. achat dofus can help us to upgrade and own good equipment. We will provide various different tasks for the players at here at here, as you have the skills to get a lot of achat kamas. If you play this game is just time no long, you can watch our follow guide.

It is harder and harder to figure out how to fight monsters for each stage, also improve your character and complete your missions in the dofus. It is very easy to get bogged down in the tedium. It is not almost possible at times to do this effectively. Sometimes you own a number of Acheter des Kamas to buy the objects and weapons that your character needs is one of the hardest things, so you need take some time to earn kamas.

I believe there are many players are game masters with high level and much time to play game. If you are one of them, you can go to finish initial and tedious task. You do not need complete the level for a short time, as opponents defeated and the respect of your association won. If you want to avoid these troubles, you need some dofus standards, the use of short-term work and improve your character class. It just much easier to use to guide the formation of dofus, let your character becomes what you needed. Of course, at most time you need spend a lot time to doing hard work, although you will waste a lot of time.

At last, I hope you enough your time at the game. You can own special skills to earn more achat kamas.


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 How to play powwow occupation? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Most of players like to play powwow occupation with Ragnarok Online Zeny in the ro. Powwow is one of the most popular occupation. He owns mystery and strong black art; although he has some shortcoming in the close battle and the life value is less than other occupation, but he owns black art strength including fire, earth, water and wind, so this can make up above shortcoming. His individuality is very lonely and buried alive, so many players can not understand him very much. He looked erratic sometimes, in fact, he know the essence which is in the battle between order and confusion. He can use flowery black art to make die just like making weapons. Now I will give you some characteristic about powwow serial occupation.

His magic defense force is five stars and his magic attack force is five stars. His physics defense force is just one star. Powwow is the two roll occupation of enchanter, who grapple the black art including water serial, earth serial, fire serial and windy serial, so his lethal is very strong. Of course, you need some skills to command him. He can become a strong killer very much and he will become a very important occupation in most battles.

The transfer condition of enchanter is JOB10. You can go to Geffen northwest of the city and you do some transfer task. The transfer condition of powwow is JOB40. The transfer place is Geffen top floor. To give you some tip about upgrade at the beginning. You can go to fight Boboli and locusts. When you get rocket rabbi, you can go to fight evil sunflower and metal Boboli. When you get fire wall, you can go to fight rice cake in the wile. You can transfer strong powwow, when you fight rice cake until above JOB40.

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 Do you play the dofus? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Now more and more people play dofus with dofus kamas. Now I want to recommend this game to you. You can get much joy and of course you need some skills to get achat dofus to finish task. Please join in us with achat kamas.

You have left the low levels behind and your goal is to reach 100 levels some day with Acheter des Kamas. At least at 50 levels, it will be important to decide, if you want to select the fast way of leveling or the slower to gain kamas, in this case if you want to upgrade celestial sword and get agility equipment. Now you may ask why on earth? Now I will give you answer. We are full strength. Therefore the fact is that the quickest way to the highest possible level of the beginning of the new ratting them. There is a load, ratting rodent control measures along the sewer, enough to share with some friends. Rats have weakness to agility and there are certain maps where agility IOPS can kill them very easily. To go half hybrid will add your speed of upgrading very much. You will skip the royal gob ball set. We recommend you, because this is really a good way to balance in the game. With the deliberate setting you can do much more than just killing rats, you can kill the works, run gob ball dungeon solo and fast, and many other things. You can substitute some of items with higher level ones once reaching 120 levels. Once you have reached the level requirements to wear it, rest of the wolf set. Also to keep in mind, start gathering resources for your next set early on, do not leave it to the last levels before meeting the requirements of these items.

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 Leveling Guide Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


There are many methods to earn call of duty gold. I believe you have own ways to gain cod gold. Of course, you can buy call of duty gold or buy cod gold from some site or some players with high level. If you have some skills, you do not would like to upgrade, which depends on buy call of duty gold. Now I will give you some tips in this game.

1. Do not change when fighting with the enemy bullets, one, and the enemy does not give you time, and secondly because of the time, before you do, if this really happens, changing the gun faster than reloading! If you have no bullets, you only have a miracle.

2. No matter what kind of weapons you use, bursts of fire will make the gun up, so having your own rhythm.

3. With a SMG, muffler is your best choice. You will be the most chic of the emergency hand, if you couple with enhanced sprint, fast changing shells.

4. When you walk on the tunnel, even if you do not shoot, your enemy skill your appearance, because they can hear the voice of your feet. So when you walk into tunnel, you need walk slowly, or you just want to tell enemy you are coming.

5. Encountered fire blockade when the enemy will not stop here, for the road bar. Others are not without bullets, and in the aim at the export you do.

6. If you see any one who holds a grenade is thrown to the ground beneath his feet, you do ignore him. He may want to die.

7. Take care of a good entrance, sustained fire might be kept without looking wanted to burst into to die. I often lose the life because that.

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 Some experience of players with high level Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


As a game master, they must have some special experience to earn Redcliff Gold. I may not be able to as a game master, but I really have some skills to help you to get some redcliff money. Of course, you can buy redcliff Gold or redcliff online Gold to upgrade and this is the easiest way to upgrade.

As a new player, you can go to collect gold, because there are almost no monsters and most players need those mine and precious stones. Players who smelt iron and silver need a lot of mine. Many players need copper, gold and rice, too. Precious stones can be used to upgrade weapons and to feed evil. So to a new player, this is very good time, when you have little of redcliff online Gold at the beginning. If you have some leisure time, you can go to collect herb at the foot of a mountain. This is very good way to gain redcliff online Gold, too. Many players need buy some medicine to add their blood. Blue herb, red herb and white medicine are all very popular. Blue herb is very popular by rabbi, and another reason is they can get it in any shop. You can use white medicine to repair weapons for evil. If you are over 300 levels, you can go to fight high level rabbi with other players. You can get much redcliff online Gold after finishing this task. Sometimes, you can go to church to do some past-time job. You can get some holy water to sell redcliff online Gold. When you have enough redcliff online Gold and skills, you can go to kill some powerful monsters in the under city to get some rare things. Now you must be a game master.


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