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 Some characters in the dofus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


You can choose several characters to earn dofus kamas in the game. Different characters have different ways to gain achat dofus. Of course, many players like to choose the character which fit for their personality. Now I will introduce the character about Osmond.

Osmond can not only summon different units with different specialties, such as tanking, attacking and stalling and so on. Osmond also get skills that increase their summons’ abilities such as adding HP, AP, damage and so on. There is also a unique ability that is whip which deals massive damage to either their or other users’ summons. There are some summonses and each of them has different things. The reason is that your total skill points are limited. You should go over them and specialization which ones you want to use as well as which buffs you want.

If you have only low level, Osmond can summon tofu and gob balls. They can buff them to a limited degree. Osmond can both summon and attack which makes them completely dominate at lower levels. However, the battle middies monsters they are often seen as middies monsters can kill them in on beat summons to overthrow.

Upgrading the case of death, if meted, you will return to place of birth, place of need once again go to upgrade. After the death of energy will reduce and combat the higher levels, the greater the energy loss, to minimize the number of deaths. The corresponding figures of the game can produce points and skill points during leveling, and adding new skills, due to production needs. The game points need all add strength, in order to increase the figure of negative weight.

This is my experience and I hope it can help you more or less. I wish you have a good time in the game.

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 This is my favorite game in my heart. Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I play online game for several years and I do not meet my favorite game all the time. Now I find a very good game, that is, Redcliff. If you have no a good game, I suggest you choose this game to play. You can get a lot of joy to play this game.

It can not lose the equipment for fighting monsters in order to buy redcliff Gold in this game, so you can enjoy the joy straightly. The task is very easy, so you do not task more time to understand. You can be easy to upgrade before 100 levels, so just you are a new player, you can have successful feeling. After 105 levels, you need some Redcliff Gold to buy some equipment to finish task. Now you entry challenge stage, this time, you can be crazy about killing men in the village. You can get some Redcliff Gold and equipment during the process and you can not lose anything even if you are failed. When you are 113 levels, you will meet a very hard time. You can get strong power after upgrading one level.

Does this item cost more than it did before? Absolutely it is not. We have only changed the representation of what the item is worth based off the fact that players can acquire redcliff online Gold more easily. Just like how sups used to cost 100m on redemption and they cost five million of redcliff online Gold on nemesis. But we do not want the bots to be able to get redcliff online Gold like we can, so we go to war and win items that do nothing else but represent redcliff online Gold. This is the part that we like because we can use it to control our redcliff online Gold on an individually small scale that accounts for big changes.

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 Some useful information in the RO Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


When you play the game with Ragnarok Online Zeny, can you get some useful information to earn zeny? At most time, you should some good skills to upgrade and gain Ragnarok Zeny, so now I will share my experience with you.

At first, I will talk about pros and cons. Super novice can have advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at them now. I hope they can help you more or less.

Advantages: 1. Have carts to help them once they overweight. 2. Almost all have a combination of first class skill. 3. This is a very good skill and a few players know it now. It can summon guardian angel to help them. 4. Super novice can upgrade their job to 70 levels. Now let us talk about shortcoming. Cons: 1. they sill cannot use bows, spears and so on, so it has not big range to earn Ragnarok Online Zeny. 2. Have the same HP and SP when changing job. 3. Play dead sill cannot be used by the super novice class.

Now I will talk about other information in the game. Weapons: this part may go very long, super novice can take advantage of daggers, swords, mace and axe. Dagger is one of the most important weapons, and novice can have double attack sill as super novice. Knife: it is the most lousy weapon in the ro. It is still useless though it can have four slots, throw it away once and get a novice blade instead. Next, it is a special weapon. This knife can be obtained from the NPC in the novice grounds. Use this knife until you are enough Ragnarok Online Zeny to purchase another weapon or use it until change occupation.

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 How to earn money quickly? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Why do we play the game? We need go to gain champions gold to upgrade our weapons and equipment, so many players want to know some ways to gain champions online gold quickly. Sometimes, you can go to buy champions gold from some players with high level. Now I will give you several way to earn cheap champions gold. I hope it can help you more or less.

1. In general, the basic way is to fight monsters to get champions money. I like to go to fight green monsters. Although you can not get more experience points than other monsters, but it can not waste your too much medicine water, you can get more champions online gold. If you have enough luck, you can get a dark gold and then you can get lots of champions online gold once. 2. When you are 26 levels, you can go to do business, because you can use the weapons in the 26 levels and you have some ability to protect yourself. If you have the dark gold weapons, you can make a businessman in 20 levels. When you entry union, you should buy some translation at first. You had better do the one star businessman as a new player, because there are thieves to attack you above one star. 3. If you have leisure time, you can pull stall some things, which you remain before. Some things with luck and property can have a high price. When you put stall, you had better put away your things, because buyers can see your things very clearly. Then you can sell very well. Of course, if you have a dark gold, you can open a very high price. If you can sell it, you can become a rich man.

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 Upgrade tips about Redcliff Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Do you have enough Redcliff Gold to upgrade? Now I will give you some tips to upgrade. Of course, you can go to buy redcliff Gold from some sites or some game masters.

I am going to explain how to be a powerful player of Redcliff from when you are lower level to getting up to the higher levels. You will find a large amount of information that you will need during the game to become an amazing player, possibly even a supreme player.

Rest energy: you may notice the top of the screen magic status more than a useful rest of the vitality of the role will be in accordance with the time to accumulate not login, when your character is 20 levels, as long as two days can be accumulated full. In this state, upgrade will be more efficient. Here is to teach our Plebe each day on the energy consumption of breaks. The next is Ni of charm. You can get some reward after finishing task after the use of props in a certain period of time to enhance the experience, although the props is dedicated to the descendents of the role players to use, but we think for 30 guardian of the task , the role of training the player is not unusual cloned it.

The rational use, the general loss of aim for two seconds while Shiny, which quickly than anyone else, if the start time to determine Shiny location, access to 12 m range, choice the goal has been to the edge of their own or can not hesitate to throw NPC sleep storm. The advantage is that there is no loss of goals, certainly faster than rivals.

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