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- The game screen is very beautiful
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 Some information about upgrade in the wow Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Enough World of Warcraft money can help you much, such as upgrading weapons and equipment. Do you have some ways to gain world of warcraft gold and I will share my experience with you to through shuts?

Main forts major novice teachers, need to look outside the domain of more than three hundred teachers. Non-hierarchical collection system needs only require skills requirements, skills level needs with other first professional. If there is a number of True silver, they can rely on minerals to rise to 290 levels. Although the melting of iron ore may rise to 300 black, you can go to the dismissal of learning in Blackrock Depths and melting.

Enhance the level of probability is 100% orange, yellow, about 67%, about 25% of green, gray, you can not enhance the level of. The acquisition of skills, then orange may not upgrade, the closer the gray, the upgrade will lower the probability. Some special skills can affect the success rate of previous wisdom, but after I heard of a special update get rid of it. Buy almost all of the formulas are limited, re-sale of time varies, but approximately 20 minutes are up and down.

Now I will say another aspect. Every stage of the back, will have ten mining can rely on upgrades, and you should be forced to go out to wander in the wow. Enchant Gloves of the mining above five levels, only mining, fusion is still necessary to control the mining ore grade in a second update, a strange fall this stage 250 – 300 formula, can learn directly with the instructor. The formula too much, not setting them. There is no specified formula for pick list and then formula is loaded list.

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 New growth raiders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


rs gold is essential in the game, especially in the fighting, otherwise we may lose one chance, and than we need begin from starting. Every player has own story in the game, of course, roads are different, and we may face kinds of troubles.

During this article I provide much news for new players, and I think you can learn many things. We have these experiences, and I like to share with you. If you have other questions, you can come to our website to ask me, and I will give you best answers.

After entering the game, appeared in the country where new players stay you do not hurry the task or beat bugbears, be familiar with the game environment and the operation under way. Novice task is relatively simple, entered the game, you find the source of the task, and follow the arrows down a level to do. There are a novice task is worth noting that the middle part of the task of stone mining, quarrying location was next in the next task. Out of that place junction is in the entitlement package where the novice.

When you complete novice tasks, you are probably ten or so levels, and no need to rush forward to the task and the experience gained through the brush strange and ingot used up, can enhance the level of completion with the task to grasp. When you complete novice tasks, the required level, find your favorite gang to join. Then you can take advantage of experience and gold. The game, comparing the role of gang skill level, the importance and surpasses it. To learn useful skills, high lethality can to spike high-grade opponents. The game can not be ignored important team, and the relative fighting skills is also essential. Game, the team is essential, and a good team can help you through the rough, tough part.


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 How to be crazy about earning maple mesos? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


There are more and more ways to earn Maple Story Mesos, because at most time, you need a lot of Mesos to upgrade. Now I will give several ways to crazy about gaining Maple Mesos.

The first way is to earn cactus. It is fir for all teams, and you only need find the cactus at the secret place. Now there are no maps. Now I will talk about how you can be easy to find. After killing the dolls, you walk in the small room in the above and run left. Then you can run out at the second stones. Then you can find the place with cactus. You are not afraid of the monster’s box, because it will disappear after fighting. Then you go to Boss’s room with cactus and put it in middle. And then you can go out now.

The second way: it has a high requirement and need a high configuration, so you have no time to teach new players. Your task is to kill the boss after upgrading, so it has a little of difficult. You need have a teammate to kill the doll behind and one teammate to fight Sharer. The key is in front of boss’s room. One teammate need come in the room and attract boss. When the blood of boss is only half, it will upgrade. At this time, you need kill it for a time. After this, you only go to kill some small monsters. You need a good team to earn Maple Mesos by this way and it is not fit for all occupation. If you still go to teach the new players, you can not finish the game for a long time, so I do not recommend this way.

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 A moving generation game – ro Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I believe there are many players to play RO with zeny and you get a lot of fun from it. Even if you already have not played the game because of all kinds of reasons, you still have a very good remember.

At the beginning of game, there are many beautiful girls to join in, so you can make many friends. We often fight Borty with several players at the south gate in the capital to gain zeny. There are many places to earn Ragnarok Zeny, such as undersea and north forest. At most time, you will see many lovers. I believe they all have a good time at here.

We go to upgrade to fight monsters as time goes on and I begin to earn Ragnarok Online Zeny to transfer for a time and than transfer for two times. I see my improvement from killing a clock monster with several players to killing a lot of monsters by myself. During the process, I get a lot of Ragnarok Online Zeny now. More and more new players begin to learn skills from me. I feel very proud. I can remember that I only wear the new player’s cloth, so it is a little fool, but now I already have wear the warrior set. Because of a special reason, I leave away RO, so I feel very sad. There are many friends to ask me do not to leave, but I can not do that, although I would like to stay very much. At last I will thank for the game.

If you are a new player or you do not still play the game, I hope you try to play RO. And this is not let you down. After playing the game, you can give me some comments.

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 My experience to earn champions online gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


The game is my favorite game and I get a lot gold champions gold during playing the game. Now I will give you my experience with champions money. I hope it can help you more or less. Of course, sometimes you can go to buy champions gold.

I played the thunder sword before, but I gave up when I was 48 levels. And then I begin to play big fire sword. I open a new small account number at first and I take things of big number to the new small number. There is 2 million of champions online gold and more than 10 weapon medicine. Now I am only 60 levels, but my property is more than 30 million of cheap champions gold. In order to upgrade, you need become a good businessman. You need enough time to stroll around the streets and you can understand the market situation at first. Next you need learn how to analysis of market and know the trend of market. You should know what things can be sold well, for example, reclaim skill is very good to sell before 80 levels. At most time, when you get the things which sell well, but the good opportunity goes, so you should purchase the things from new players, because most of them do not know the market situation. At most time, you need a lot of champions online gold as cost, so you can earn more champions online gold. In addition, you need some patience, because if you have a very good thing, not all buyers can know that at short time. Sometimes you need add some luck. There are many players who will begin to know you for a period of time, so you do not cheat them to get some champions online gold.




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