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- The game screen is very beautiful
- Habbo Money Guide
- The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold
- Some guide to make money
- Introduction of skills

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 From novice to be a great master Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


You do not have any MapleStory Mesos when you are a level 0 novice, besides a basic equipment nothing. So you can do is play blame. Soldiers and arrows will go smoothly, lawyers and Peter is four, so for comparison, but can play, such as green snail does not take medicine, you die, saving back to about 200 Maple Story mesos. If not enough then go to buy some at online shop. If you feel tired to pitch for senior player striker, let them bring you a few levels, do not be lazy, picking up something valuable.
To level 21, can make party tasks, which is the way you earn cheap mesos? Doing tasks can be sold, don't sell to those Why? Give me a reason? No money to have a meal? Impossible, you 15 began to raise himself, and gas now don't that a few rolls can also live, so the roll in the warehouse. Because many tasks can be obtained, so the person upgrade level and faster, if you feel boring? (Especially the warrior, do not do) mission, you can go to buy mesos, play can go to dozen level 25 boar. To conclude, 21-30, you have to play again, that you now animal skins and at least several hundred Maple mesos (I always do it for the worst, you do have dozens of times "several tasks, such bad luck roll" who wouldn't say, I don't have as much as you roll to the method how?). But I know that some people take 20 also is not a problem. Now I take an eleven roughly price, star to simulate the open hand steps: most likely to get maple story money, 10% body armor, agile, armor, skirts pants coat defense, defense gloves agility helmet. Generally, the greater probability in the elves, if defense volume label 200,000 arch lord gold, gloves, a body armor 200 dexterity 40, was soon businessman, if I have 2 coats and agility, gloves, even two helmet defense, the body agility, I will defense, defense and helmet defense, agile and 40 gloves took five site gloves, every arch lord worth 20 million of maple story gold if you put it up to the shelves of the shops.

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 Heroic Fantasy game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


dofus kamas which you need it in the game. When I play in the game, I need enough gold to help me solve problems in it, and I can use it to help me upgrade level quickly. They can use it to make friends with people who have particular experiences about fighting in the game, and also we can use it to buy equipments that are suitable for properties of players for war.

We can get magic smash from divine justice who is pretty nice, and I think it is very interesting if you attend this party. However that requires melee contact to start the chain off, so if you are being kited its relatively useless. So you can catch up to an enemy for a short while to trigger it, at the same time, you need work out a plan to avoid these questions, and we can continue our tasks.

Effectively we really need extendable weapons used in the fighting, and they can play a very useful part at that time. In the end wee chose the betony mace and have never looked back, and also we can succeed. We do not even have to worry about the lack of crib that it has, as we easily breach the four hundred and forty cit. cap with simple food item as it is.

If you use Inescapable Judgment, Anther Armor, and Prayer of Freedom well and toggle your shield defense skill to try triggering the stun ability you can pretty much be a bit of a beast in 1v1 PVP against several classes. Having played templar now, we do seriously believe the templar needs one more hold/stun/ranged or something. Even if they dropped off a few seconds from the 30 second timer on IJ it would be nice.

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 Some ways to earn lotro gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


lord of the rings gold is very important for every player, so you should have some special ways to get lord of the rings gold. Now I will give you some.

I talk about some requirement at first. The role is 70 levels thief. The equipment requirement is very general and it is T2. The aim place is BRD. In general, you can get 200 lord of the rings gold for an hour. Now I talk about the aim for FARM. 1. Big devil: the price stays around 10 lord of the rings gold for a long time and this reason is very easy. If you want to change new weapons, you need cost high lord of the rings gold, so the quantity demand of big devil is very balance. 2. Fire elite: the thing works in the above 20 levels fire repel and the price is 100 lord of the rings gold, but it is not fit for all situations and it is fit for above a spot. Now there need it in the market. Then I say the steps.

1. Entry BRD, and open the gate on the left. 2. There is a fire element in the front. You can be easy to kill it in the 70 levels. The price of new medicine water is very high, 30 lord of the rings gold, and so fire element has value. 3. Go down, you will meet a stone man on the left. I advise you ignore it, because it is very hard to defeat it, so it only waste your time and energy. 4. Go right. Then you will meet the first fire boss. You can get much element from it. 5. There is a hall of crafting. 7. Pass through a hall. You turn left and you will find the first room. Then you will find an old man and a dog. Now your aim is to kill them. You will get what you want.

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 How to get wow gold in WOW Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


How to get World of Warcraft money in WOW? Maybe most of you will go to a professional and reliable online store. You can buy World of Warcraft Gold in a short time but you need to spend a lot of money for it. If you can gets some warcraft gold making ways. Why do you to waste money for a play? Here I will introduce methods about money making for you.

The first is to do quests. There are several quests that give you money. Human town or however you spell it is one of them. At level 24, a guy near the potion shop will give you a quest that gives you about 9k cheap wow gold per run. You have to hunt monster of a level 22. The same exact quest with the same reward is at half elf town, not inside the town but north east of the town.

At level 28 in the human town with the same NPC, he will give you a quest to hunt 34 wraiths and gives you almost 15k wow gold per run.

The second is killing monsters. You can brush some stuffs from the monsters, wow money, stones, and even some equipment. By this way you can get some precious items. You can sell them for some good wow money.

Third, you can manufacture something. If you can make fine and useful weapons, gears, or other useful things, you can earn wow money from the sale.

Last, buying low and selling high is always the secrets. Make something useful and necessary in stock, when it is rare in the market, you can sell them at a good but reasonable price. It is easy to gain some wow money from the price difference.

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 A guide for newbie leveling up quickly Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Are you searching for Gaia coin just because you are a newbie can not make more money in game? In fact, every new player all faces this situation. It is normal.

No matter what game to play, the players most like to know is how to quickly level up, how to earn more gaia online gold and how they can create their own characters to fight BT-level.

Before I begin to kill monsters, you need to find out how much each stage of experience. In fact, there is nothing to look at the data means that data is only used to frighten people's stuff.

We are the various grades are usually divided into several stages. Usually, if you are not reach level 20, you are naturally a newbie.

Level 1-5: Super novice

When you were born in newbie village, you have no weapons. After you completed of the task, you can get both the primary equipment and experienced, but also get a few packs to Gift Pack. In the corresponding level can be used in Gift Pack and some new equipment and gaia money, properties are pretty good.

Note: when you are doing the "bearskin gloves" task, you had better try to brush at least 10 sharp bear claws. Until you reach level 10 and after you have done the "commissioned by posting", then hand 10 sharp bear claw over. In fact, buy gaia gold has been a modern and popular consume behavior.

Level 6-20: Sub-novice stage

gaia vocational skills are due to mainly rely on TOP points to upgrade. So if you just complete the task you get a TOP point is zero. Thus killing monsters is essential link. At this time, you will need to find a more than level 22 Priest to kill monsters cross-level.


1. You can get 70-100 experiences if you across 3 level to kill monsters. The experience you can get in cross-4, 5 levels is 110-130; cross-7 is 150-170 experience.

2. In addition to delegate tasks can easily pay the initial stage is done only to buy gaia online gold as the story missions, and the remaining tasks in my back otherwise indicated.


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