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- The game screen is very beautiful
- Habbo Money Guide
- The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold
- Some guide to make money
- Introduction of skills

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 To get started in the dofus Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


kamas can provide many opportunities for players and we can make use of there chances. I think you should prepare many things for fighting monsters. It means that you will be able to enter into a high level.

We have mentioned before, and we started solar with nothing but farming gob balls in the first two weeks. Most players are focusing only on upgrade in the dofus or doing funny things. We can not say we enjoyed playing back then but we plan it ahead and are sure that we will harvest the fruits of our hard word. You will have a lot of fun later on yourself. You have to be strict, if you would like to accomplish long term goals while tailoring, most important being reaching 65 levels as fast as you can.

Only by being in the first on a new server means even your one level store character will be fully scrolled soon. It is very annoying and weary, so you need to be patient and ignore everything else in the game, such as leveling, making new equipment.

All you need is a few manifold and random characters, friends and supporters and a gob set. You have to start upgrading tailor, and since helmet, bags and small bluish cloak are available from ten levels only, you need to craft random shit before handed.

You do not need excellent pieces in the game, so sell all of them right now, and keep a few for your chars. We find you having millions on the first week of solar by doing nothing else but farming and selling gob ball set pieces. Make sure you check sell rooms all the time and buy feathers and sesame seeds.

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 The best guide to gain zeny Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


If you play the game with ro zeny for a shout time, I believe you must have no good ways to own a lot of Ragnarok Online Zeny. Of course, if you have experience with playing game for two years, you must sum up some good guide to get Ragnarok Online Zeny. Now I will give you the best guide.

Sometimes, you will meet a player who opens the chat room and he will tell you he can sell the cheap Ragnarok Online Zeny. Now you do not believe this, because it is just a lie. You can go to Polly in the big city in the one level, because you only can do it under 4 levels and it can lose some good equipment. Others will go to fight Kerui Mi at that map and you do not try, because you will be killed for few seconds with low level. Kerui Mi will give butterfly wing which place is 45, so it is quit to earn money. You should pick up things which Polly loses such as empty bottle, Polly doll and green apple. For a short time, you can accumulate some Ragnarok Online Zeny to upgrade.

If you want to earn more Ragnarok Online Zeny, I can give you a way. When you own around 3000 Ragnarok Online Zeny, you can fly to Airedale. Then you go to fight Polly again. Now there is magic horn, flower for eating man, root for eating man and yellow magic mint in his tripe. There are a lot of good things and you can get them with high level weapons. You do not forget taking enough fly wings. You can earn a lot of Ragnarok Online Zeny quickly with this way.

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 My realize of playing WOW Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I have played WOW with wow money for a long time. I am really like this game. There are several ways to buy World of Warcraft money in this game. Some need professional advantage, and some do not. Some of the numbers must be 60 to participate. Money of this field plays with World of Warcraft Gold, a copy of stolen material, a copy of gold, organization or participates in group G, the auction of the reselling of goods, reselling rare drawings. Collected by the professional is making money, earned by the production of professional gold, fishing, and so on to make money.

Classic fight money Location: Eastern Plague lands Tire hands, Western Plague lands fireplace Valley trails wind the southern tip of Slither Twilight camp, Winter spring code word Gorge, Fatwood brush essence cloth, and so the devil. Trails wind south, near the new copy of country in the vicinity. The advantage of less competition is important. This place I was heard, but I did not go there ever. In the next turn, I may buy wow money. And now, the money I play the most active location. In front of 3 brushes are JY strange places, mainly directed at the strange fall of the coin with me. But Twilight camp was in a regular brush strange, Chon falling popularity of their articles. The cheap wow gold is the helpful thing in the game. I should buy more and more. The general career is not moving their brushes, suitable for ice law and the Warlock, kite stream flow and fear play. Brush these strange, it is very difficult and demanding of equipment and operation. This is my realization, how about yours?


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 Heroic Fantasy game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


dofus kamas which you need it in the game. When I play in the game, I need enough gold to help me solve problems in it, and I can use it to help me upgrade level quickly. they can use it to make friends with people who have particular experiences about fighting in the game, and also we can use it to buy equipments that are suitable for properties of players for war.

We can get magic smash from divine justice who is pretty nice, and I think it is very interesting if you attend this party. However that requires melee contact to start the chain off, so if you are being kited its relatively useless. So you can catch up to an enemy for a short while to trigger it, at the same time, you need work out a plan to avoid these questions, and we can continue our tasks.

Effectively we really need extendable weapons used in the fighting, and they can play a very useful part at that time. In the end wee chose the betony mace and have never looked back, and also we can succeed. We do not even have to worry about the lack of crib that it has, as we easily breach the four hundred and forty cit. cap with simple food item as it is.

If you use Inescapable Judgment, Anther Armor, and Prayer of Freedom well and toggle your shield defense skill to try triggering the stun ability you can pretty much be a bit of a beast in 1v1 PVP against several classes. Having played templar now, we do seriously believe the templar needs one more hold/stun/ranged or something. Even if they dropped off a few seconds from the 30 second timer on IJ it would be nice.


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 To earn GW Gold for a short time Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


I play GW with Guild Wars Platinum not for a long time, but I have still some useful ways to gain Guild Wars Money for a short time.

Many players are afraid of meeting the monsters with high level, so they can not defeat them. In fact, it is wrong. You can upgrade your equipment or weapon buy more medicine water to defeat them. Of course, the upgrade speed will be fast if you have better equipment and enough Guild Wars Money. How to get the aims? The question is lack of Guild Wars Money, when you go to upgrade. Now I will give the useful ways to new players.

I am proud of getting some dark gold. As we all know, the price of dark gold is very high. At most time, only one dark gold can help you to become a rich man. I get a dark gold spear when I am 24 levels. Then I get a dark gold sword and two dark gold broadswords and on so, so now my dark gold weapons have much. About clothes, you can get around 15 clothes on the 70 levels. If you want to get dark gold, you should fight monster which can lose 64 levels weapons, so you had better fight 63 – 66 levels monsters. Monster with higher level maybe not lose weapons. If you fight monsters at the same place, the probability will be bigger. I only get dark good from stars, not from moon and the sun. It is really hard to get dark gold, so the price will be very high and there are more and more players who want to get it to gain Guild Wars Money.

At last, I hope you can get some dark gold with my experience and have a good time in the game.

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