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 WoW Guide: Race Information Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


In WoW, the race of your character is primarily determined by aesthetics and not stats. At the highest levels the differences between the races is primarily determined by racial abilities. Some racial abilities are more useful to a hunter than others, but even then it is hardly game breaking. Following there are information for Dwarf, have a look and try to chose the one you think would be the most interesting to play.


1) Stone form: Grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects while active. Also increases armor by 10% lasts for 8 seconds with a three minute cool down.

This is great for removing debuffs, especially disease which can last a long time. The extra armor is not very useful though since you should ideally never be physically hit. Here is to buy wow money which can help you playing this game.

2) Gun Specialization: Increases your chance to critically strike with a gun by 1%.

This is a nice hunter buff, but only if you are using a gun and not a bow or crossbow. Don't let this racial trait influence your decisions when upgrading your ranged weapon, but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for guns whenever possible.

2) Frost Resistance: Gives you 10 to frost resistance.

By itself this is not enough to save you, but each of the races gets a resist bonus and frost is better then nothing. Especially since there are fewer pieces of gear with frost resist compared to other resists like fire and nature.

3) Find Treasure

This is pretty nice, especially when farming instances and dungeons. But if you take up a gathering skill like mining or have a hunter tracking ability active you won't be able to use it since you will want to track minerals or mobs.


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 LOTRO Hunter Tips Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Today I think more people Buy Lotro Gold and it plays an important role in the game. Whatever you do you should need them. Now I want to say some hunter tips for you, I hope you like it.

Woodsman, pathfinder, and master of the bow, the keen-eyed Hunter can use his arrows to devastating effect from a distance. Archery is not the only thing the Hunter excels at, for he can lead his companions through the forest at greater speed than they could on their own, and can set up traps to ambush enemies. The archer is no close-quarters fighter, however, and would generally rather let his bow do the work than resort to his sword.

The Hunter is the class of choice for players who enjoy striking a target at range. Clever by nature, the Hunter is known to lure his targets into traps to hinder them, giving him time to use his bow to deadly effect. A Hunter's knowledge of nature also provides skills that help him and his fellows survive in the wild. A Hunter's combat style depends on the ability to injure a foe while staying out of harm's way.

Blindside: Divert an enemy's attention with a single melee strike and follow it with a single bow attack at close range.

Low Cut: The Hunter makes a low cut in front of himself which can temporarily slow the movement speed of up to two enemies.

If you have any questions you can contact us at any time, hope you enjoy your time here!

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 The guide for weapons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


cheap runescape gold which I am glad to have more in the game plays an important part when we want to enter into high level, and than you can come here to learn it. I think you will have more power in the fighting if you are ready enough for the game.

Our new favorite since they have been updated. Gem tipped bolts will kill faster than their arrow counterparts and they give a new purpose to all those bolts and gems you have lying around. In addition to the latest slayer update, broad bolts are a cheap new favorite. Better than theirs, yet so much cheaper. We prefer the MSB with rune arrows to the crystal bow, but this kills at about the same rate and if it keeps you from buying arrows then we are all for it.

If you do barrows runs anyway, why not fire a few bolt racks off? It may be the best Staking or fight caves weapon out there. Do not forget that you can buy racks in port plasmatic. As fast as your average crossbow, and much cheaper ammo, you only need twenty eight ranged. When we make these, we actually prefer darts. Feathers are easier to get than ores, and darts kill just as fast. Either is best used against weaker monsters, such as fire giants or blood veldts. Not the world has best choice in training. Good for fighting, which is about it. Prices are dropping a lot, and will become stable.

We have not played with these much, but they can train Star, mage and range as well as giving you something to do with Herbs you may not use. Most of all though, these are fun and this is a game young know. Check the Herb lore post for tips on making ammo.

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 You should remember those simple tips Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Will you meet some small mistake to earn cod gold? So you already are high stage, but only own a little of call of duty gold. In fact, there are many tips in this game. If you can take attention on it, you may upgrade faster and earn more.

1. If your teammate is killed in your front alley or the room, you do not pass right now, stops slightly, because usually the enemy is not flushes in immediately and wait for you. After a while, when he think no body in, you exchange your bullet right now, then you flushed again. Of course, the enemy also possibly just traded the bullet certainly.

2. If someone suddenly appeared in front of you, do not hug him, and you need shoot him first, until you confirmed his identity.

3. When a gun on the ground picking up, though you have enough bullets, but does not rule out picking up when you want to or no to see an empty gun.

4. All guns in their range are not within the power of the weak, but do not hold down the mouse, unless you let enemy feel really hail of bullets, but no body can assure enemy feel that for all time.

5. There is no official document describes the close attack daggers would be weaker than the gun, or at least people do not die from the sword to think so.

6. In the high mode, you should remember that any person who is stronger can not fight with a gun, such as the real war. So you do not think you are very stronger.

7. You will not immediately pull grenade throwing, or the enemy will pick up returned to you. This way, you are only to die.

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 How to upgrade as a junior captain? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Do you know how to upgrade as a junior captain and to earn Mesos? Now I will give you some experience.

Level 1 – 10: you should go to do task for new players and able to go 10 levels easily with some Maple Story Mesos. Of course, you can go to kill snails and fight tree monsters.

Level 11 – 20: now you can transfer sea rover. You can be easy to go to 15 levels to kill flower mushroom. If you have a high hit rate, you can go to fight octopus, because you can get twice Maple Story Mesos than usual for three hours.

Level 21 – 30: you can have three roads in this stage. Firstly: you can go on fighting octopus to level 26. Secondly: you can make team with your friends to fight monsters. If you have a good team, you can get a high effect and earn more Maple Story Mesos. Thirdly: go to absorb crow, but there are many players to look down upon you.

Level 34 – 50: now you are two roll and become a box man. You will meet much harder road. You can go on absorbing crow and absorbing plane. You can go to carnival and you should find some body help you at the beginning. You can earn more Maple Story Mesos and get some good equipment. The necklace can exchange experience point, so this is very good way. You can try it.

Level 51 – 70: now you can truly get the skills of box man and go to kill stone man in the forest. You can get much experience during process. If you have enough Maple Story Mesos, let bishop help you fight sea rover, when you are 65 levels, because it can upgrade very fast. This is my experience. If you have extra experience, you can give me some comment.

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