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- The game screen is very beautiful
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- The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold
- Some guide to make money
- Introduction of skills

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 The ways of making a team Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


achat dofus is the precondition to upgrade. Now I will talk about the ways of making a team.

Buying a large number of roles, at least 8 at best, a role learn the strongest skill, So that each round of attacks on the output is the largest. The shortcoming of the way is that is easy to be de defeated by equipped with the role of a good equipment. I advise the new play can use the way, it is easy to learn, and to familiar with the role in the game.

Elite tactics: the tactics is different from the sea tactics. Selection of the most powerful skills and the roles, using the best equipment, you can be repeated to build the same role in the game. So you use the same roles to make a team. They have the same mobility, can be a continuous shot. The way is also popular by players, 3 archers, 3 masters, 2 warriors. Then you can earn more Acheter des Kamas.

Feature set: you can choose roles and skills, and adding the appropriate equipment to enhance yourself. Generally composed of 3-5 different roles, each role has 1-2 skills and equipment. When you play for a time, you can own your own roles. However, this combination is difficult, not fit the new play. You need more patience to gain more achat kamas.

Combat kamas in troduction

The first is the battle mode. The system finds a similar level opponent. Then you can beat it, and upgrade. The second is a random PK model, victory is no experience. The third is a designated PK model, maybe afraid of dofus kamas. After you find the opponent, you come into the game, then enter the battle sense, this time the game is beginning.

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 Some experience about Redcliff Gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


redcliff money is essential to buy equipment. Some people ask why has 25 bomb. This is affect of training goldnext, I would talk about it. Finishing the task need goods, mix materialbomb*20 ivy leaves + keelneed the training redcliff Gold skillbomb*3 dynamite + big tub bomb G*2 + gold fish ivy leaves 20 keel 20 better bottle 50. then you can buy redcliff Gold.

The game mainly use bomb, so you must close the enemy. So you must be familiarity to monster of attacking. You pick up the rip and you give them the booms.

Lao-Shan: There is nothing difficult. If you use weapons, stand in the 2 areas. You can be the first tour which two large bomb. And then follow the pace of its body to hide it under the chin cut it, cut all the way into four areas. It almost hung up, went to the city gate, and so it came up, press the attack on the city gates Dragon, the same body on the mountain collapsed, do not hesitate, quickly peeling bones dug it. You can peel the first three times, you can peel 3 times chest, can also be stripped three times, before his death that it did not jump to the use of high-profile that it can also be stripped back three times, but because of the times, I was stripped of up to 10 times.         

I hope friends can gain more Redcliff online Gold.

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 Knight online experience to make money early days Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Knight online Gold is essential to buy equipment. 1-60 grades are essential. I advise that friends can go to terra eidolon, only a night you will get least 100 tickets and red or blue precious stones, the terra eidolon ring is 1-3, if you have a good luck, you will get 10-30million Knight Noah a night! Multi-link a few days you will get more Knight online Noah, then you can buy more equipment for yourself. Next place, the third labyrinth, you can get the abysm precious stones. You also gain much Knight Gold. You can exchange some things like iron bow. Only a night you can gain 100-500 precious stones, for a lucky time, you can get 10-20million Knight online Gold.

The other method is beat 84, at first you need to find some people with you to beat 25section the country giant. For three hours, as long as you have patience, you would get jewelry. Please remember, you need your knighthood to beat country giant, you can not finish this task.

Wraith: I have no good idea. I only have a good luck. Magic scorpion: I advise player play more and more, out of rabbi fire, ice book and a dark gold spear. The opportunity of out of book is large. The junior player the fastest way to earn Knight Gold, that is, your knighthood go to 35 areas, and wait 84 day and night.

Next I talk about 60-80 the earning ways.

The fastest way: plus 6 or plus7, the necklace use 15magic chain, jewelry all plus9 magic. Then, go to 60 areas. Remember, you must buy change body books, and change skull. I earned 600billion Knight Gold in a month. There is iron chain, iron band and so on in that month.

That is, 60 areas 84, tree master and owner: this is two out of 84 is also a good thing. There are two update locations. If you beat some 60areas you would get more Knight online Gold.

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