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- The game screen is very beautiful
- Habbo Money Guide
- The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold
- Some guide to make money
- Introduction of skills

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 The game screen is very beautiful Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

dofus kamas will be very useful for you to upgrade your armors and weapons. Players enter the game, immediately will be able to see a game guide, of course you cannot read the direct and then jump. Although the game guide is very brief, but it can give players a detailed help, it can tell the player some basic working knowledge of the game, so that will combination the player and the user interface more perfect, natural and easy to play with the game. There is no complex operating fast keystrokes, simply use the left mouse button clicks can be more difficult to complete some action fighting series. Read the guide to buy dofus kamas then play the game, the next is what to do, or needs to go where. Although after the task will has a simple reminder, but to a large extent been limited.

Of course the game screen is very beautiful. This is done using high-color 2D graphics, the most prominent cartoon-style effects. Whether fighting or chat, you’ll feel very lovely fun. Although the style is simple, in fact, the picture is full of game ideas. It will become very humorous adventure. Monsters are funny, and their entertainment properties to bring more pleasure to the players. In terms of visual effects and game performance is very prominent, in the mission players not only can feel the color of a rich visual experience, but also to experience the thrill of adventure battle. For example, fighting the enemy, they will hide behind trees or bushes, cheap dofus kamas, and some dark corners in the environment. In this way, it will add more fun to fight.

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 Habbo Money Guide Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


How to make money on habbo for free?

So you want to make a living on habbo with Habbo credits, but you can not buy coins because you are too broke?

Well, I have created a guide on doing just that, making a living on habbo for free! I have done it myself and have a lot of money as it is, so this is what you do:

Step 1: Starting Out

There are 4 options for this. The order is on best option to choose. You can:

1. Get a job. 2. Play games. 3. Hold donation events. 4. Go around begging

Step2: Getting up the ladder

Once you have a nice bunch of furniture, now is the time to start investing it. There are 3 options for this, in the same best-to-worse order. You can: 1. Start up a furniture shop with COINS OR FURNI. 2. Hold games that are P2P. 3. Trade furniture for furniture.

Now you are getting some cash on habbo. You are investing it and now, you got enough furniture and coins for savings (just in case someone hacks or scams you!) Create a savings account for yourself in a special room, and let’s start generating more and more cash flow, or, coin flow!

Here are your new options. There are 4. Here they are:

1. Create a corporation or major furniture shop

2. Host Big games that are P2P

3. Become a partner with your boss in a business or corporation

4. Sell neat rooms

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 The fastest way to earn Guild wars gold Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


We all know that beginning the game can be incredibly difficult. Everything is so new to you; you have got different colored items, all kinds of monsters, even Guild wars gold. There are two types of currency, gold and platinum. Platinum just equals 1000 gold, and is the games way of converting it over for you. Make sure you pay close attention to this in trades, as people sometimes try to use gold as platinum to convince new people they are better. Here are a few more tips to help you get into the game quicker. Take them step by step, to ensure you have a solid grasp on each method used.

Guild Wars gold farming is a popular method, and involves using an equipped character to kill mobs of monsters over and over again, usually completely clearing the areas. The two areas this method is practiced the most are in the very beginning stages of the game, in the Prophecies chapter, before you cross over into Post Searing. The reason that this area is so popular is because the items that monsters can drop are severely limited, to include only basic magical weapons. There is one drop that people cherish in pre searing, and that are the vials of dye. People kill mob after mob seeking out white and black dyes, because they sell to players and merchants for 4,000 to 8,000 gold. This is a very lucrative way to earn a lot of gold quickly. You don't have to have a high end character; you can do it just by being level 8-10 in pre searing, you will easily be able to dispatch the mobs.

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 Some guide to make money Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Here is a brief guide how you make money dofus kamas in Dofus. Reading it right now as money is important in online game then that can help you so much.

From the several dungeon runs, you will have atleast made 5,000- 10,000+ kamas from just the monsters. Now if you were lucky, you might have dropped a few king, royal wool and leather. If not, just buy it. Is around 5-12kk each I think. Now go to tailor workshop, and make several royal hats or capes from the drops you got from the dungeon. Then go to Arena -> Soul Sellroom. Sell the 10 souls for 220kk-280kk. Then wait and the money will pour into your bank.

Here is an overview:

Money used: Around 60,000 kamas total.

- X10 Empty soul stones (3,750 kamas each)

- X10+ Dungeon keys (around 2,000 kamas each)

Money made: 500,000kamas+.

- X10 Full soul stones (22,000-28,000 kamas each).

- X1 Royal Gobbal Cape (80,000+ kamas each), crafted from wools/resources.

- X1 Royal Gobbal Hat (80,000+ kamas each), crafted from wools/resources.

- Sell all other resources, gob saliva, and random gobball set parts.

- Sell leftover Gobball Keys.

If you were lucky you might have dropped a gobbal hat/cape, or even some royal gob ball parts, these are bonus cash =D. 

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 Introduction of skills Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Lightning strike: This skill is lightning Master Skills Dragonsky Nyang is best when you are in the future damage. At the same time, it hit the target a lot, what is also very cool, a strike, the ability to make the goal of dizziness, and can doubt the fact that in the training. The only drawback is that lightning; it has been cool 15 seconds. This is very long, compared to other damage skills. Lightning Lance is a very lovely PvP skill. It always hits the target, and sometimes more directs position; they are adjacent to each other. This is a great damage is good, you only need to cool 7 seconds. In the gun, interaction and treatment of lightning strike the Master in the PVP strong.

Wind speed, a particular favorite of the skill players run around very fast, there are high-skilled speed. It gives you 48% and 44% of the speed of motor skills, what is in the PvP is absolutely wonderful as well as in PVM's. Chain Lightning is a necessary skill. The higher the chain, the more it hits the target. Chain Lightning is very good when it comes to guild wars, but you should take into account this goal less than a direct damage to the gun, at the wrong time to use the chain of command may result in death care. Nature of the sector is not very effective guitar skills, than others. This skill is conducive to a comprehensive lightning buffer can be used for agriculture or light yellow poly people. This is a more effective welfare of others. I hope it can help you more or less.

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